Ayo Tamz, Push Me (2022)

Community of Ally, USA was left on edge for hours on Tuesday morning after multiple singles were taken hostage by Ayo Tamz.

Around 10:15 this morning, authorities received a call from frantic intern Dia Carpo who barricaded themselves in the basement mail room at ALLY USA Records. Dia told police that beloved pop star Ayo Tamz burst through the doors of the record company “TLC style” and asked the staff if they recognized the problem as she scrolled through metrics. The problem? The streaming numbers were not meeting her standards.

The staff showed little to no concern which pushed Ayo to take matters into her own hands. Dia stated that she was horrified as she watched Tamz viciously put tracks on private and completely remove them off of streaming platforms.

“It was horrifying. How could someone just take music away from listeners so easily? I felt small. I felt like nothing was permanent. We’re human beings!”

Although hostages have yet to be released, FBI Negotiator Dan Whistlebleu stepped in to handle the situation, managing to come to an agreement. After over four hours Whistlebleu confirmed that the hostages will all be freed after one demand is met. The demand? Ayo Tamz must receive more streams to her latest single “Push Me.”

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One thought on “After 4 Hour Negotiation, AyoTamz Agrees To Release Hostages After Demands Are Met

  1. I was across the street when she ran up in there. I was so terrified! I’m so glad the hostages were released. Praise Gilgamesh!


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