Vil, ANGEL (feat. Matt Ox)

Rough Start Records co-founder Vil is back with another one. This time, he’s joining forces with the underground prince Matt Ox over blistering synth leads and fidgety bass.

Vil’s music has always had a special kind of gusto thanks to his candid lyrics over enthralling beats. This time is no different as he raps about loyalty from friends, locking himself in the studio for weeks despite the slight strain on current relationships and holding on to the vision of providing a better life for his loved ones to push him through. Of course there’s a few braggadacio lines here and there about getting top in SRTs, possessing copious amounts of le’ za and blowing racks just for the thrill, but what’s a rap classic without those?

“I got this angel in my hellcat. This Zaza, you can smell that. I don’t need no love. I don’t no friends. I need them blue racks.” – Vil

“Did it all by myself. I don’t even need no friends. They can’t put me on no shelf. I cannot be held back. You know imma keep it real, but I know they all cap. And we know that he gon’ squel cuz we know that he a rat.” – Matt Ox

Matt Ox jumps on with more energy and spits about sticking to a code, remaining independent and not wavering at the “threat” of being shelved whether from the industry or peers due as he is constantly innovating. Its getting hot in the city and not because of the summer heat. This time, it’s Vil sounding alarms with his latest track “Angel.” Hope y’all can handle it.

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