Pronounced MAZ-ER-ROT the Deathproof member first came across our  radar as an artist featured on the LA stop for the Kicks For Kids Tour in February and again earlier this month touring alongside CHXPO, KILLKODY, Nascar Aloe, Kill Nigel and Dirty Butt.

There was a polarizing image to the singer-guitarist that caused us to immediately head over to their Spotify, search his name and press play.  “I’ve Been Going Through Alot of Shit” was our introduction. It was the first track to blow us away.  We’ve actually had the song on replay just so we can hear the build up starting at the eight-second mark.

We listened to a few more singles and eventually came across a full length project from 2021 which is MAZEROT’s debut and self-produced album titled Purple. “I’ll Be Fine” gives a dynamic mix of soft guitar licks, fierce energy while “Company” giving stark, brutal lyrics with trap elements sprinkled in. MAZEROT showcases solid melodies paired with thunderous drums and versatility in his voice from breathy whispers and pure screams. The project being entirely self-produced gives Purple raw character and wired charm.

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