Vil, X-RAY

The Houston based artist Vil claims his place in the next generation of rap with a spirited and dynamic performance on X-RAY.

Following a slew of singles, Vil is back with a new EP titled X-RAY. The project is littered with animated ad-libs, one-liners that force you to run the track back to the beginning and a polished sound that showcases his development since Heart of Chrome.

Vil manages to experiment playfully with ad-libs with his voice alone stealing the show. “UHHHH ” for example sports a bass-driven banger that compliments his cadence and flows well. This is the stand out track that gives us no doubt that Vil is on to something. Akin to Kid Cudi’s use of humming, Vil manages to transform a single word intended for filler into the meanest hook we’ve ever heard.

If that’s the energy this guy is on, we can’t wait to see what he has planned next. Peep the rest of the EP above and be sure to catch him live in LA & Vegas on the Kicks For Kids Tour.

for tickets head to

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