Th3Zizou, Commercial Break

Th3Zizou has been active since 2017, keeping listeners engaged with multiple singles like “Search of the Remedy” and most recently, “Go On.” A stand out track of his though, is “Too Much” from his 2020 album Commercial Break. Commercial Break was Th3Zizou’s attempt at giving listeners a quick breather from the constant nauseating headlines and news updates of one of the worst years to date.

Th3Zizou’s track “Too Much” is explosive in sound and chronicles a striking and potent story of excess and it’s effects on one’s mind, relationships and livelihood. With war ready keys and trap elements, Th3Zizou raps about remaining solid, avoiding the fear to slip through the cracks and questioning who will actually hold him down when the time comes. Th3Zizou describes the track as “balance.” He states that balance is the key to life which has been a recurring theme in his previous projects. Th3Zizou brings us more of the themes in the rest of the project Commercial Break which you can stream here:

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