Watch Strap NeverHadLove In The Morty Zapata Directed Video For “HBK”

In a message posted on Instagram last week, Strap wrote, “??/??/22” hinting at a new track with production from Chino and Spencer accompanied by a few quick clips of what appeared to be a music video shot and edited by Morty Zapata.

Well, the time is now. The mysterious visual ended up being the official music video for Strap’s latest track “HBK” which stands for heartbreak kid. When we asked how Strap went about picking the title and what being an “HBK” meant to him, he stated that women want his heart, but he just breaks theirs because he’s married to the game. Ice cold.

He touches on that throughout the track with the lyrics where he speaks on having patience, recognizing potential double crossers and being surrounded by loyalty. Back to back to back to back ear worms in the lyrics. The visuals are top notch as well and move quickly from warps, to flips and sound effects that heighten the experience.

The track clocks in at about one minute and thirty seconds giving this high replay value and an excuse to ride around town, music full blast and finding our inner 🅿️’s.

To hear more from Strap, give him a follow on Instagram @strap_neverhadlove and you can check out some of his previous work including our personal favorite track of his “Stain.”

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