Meet the line-up for The Departed an all-encomoassing live music event hosting hip-hop, metal and experimental sounds in Corpus Christi.

Located in Corpus Christi, the Departed includes KamiiKiller, Insidious, Crack Pipe Daryl, Cam London, Die Kaito, Wonderboy Wesley, Captain Jah and Isis Payne and others on the bill for the January 22nd date.

We’ve came across a few of the artists featured on the bill in San Antonio this past December for DayOnePromotions Toy Drive that granted attendees with discounted tickets to catch Black Smurf and Craig Xen live in exchange for toy donations.

Along with the legends Smurf and Xen, we also caught energetic sets from Kamiikiller (who is the brains behind The Departed), Die Kaito, Wonder Boy Wesley, Crown Ryan, IC Grant and others. This line-up features a few old friends and a few newcomers who are making waves. Those newcomers being:

Hella Wasteful:

Dante X:

Going Numb:

Those are just a few to name. To catch the full show, you’ll have to pull up January 22nd. Be sure to bring the energy.

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