BIGREDSHOOTER etches his name in stone with playful lead talk over artful production.

BIGREDSHOOTER arrives on the scene with a new album titled ‘DEMONS.’ This record follows the release of his 2020 singles Das Ok, Binny, GLO and his collection of lush and posh tracks – ‘Big Dawg Vol. 1.’ ‘Big Dawg Vol. 1’ is being contrasted with a more guitar-centric, reverse laden record ‘DEMONS.’

‘DEMONS’ is an empirical gem that allows BIGREDSHOOTER to shine with bold statements and undeniable flair. That flair is his beat selection, songwriting and lyricism.

On his track DAWGS, there is a heavenly vocal loop featured that stems from Alain Goraguer’s Ten Et Tiwa, which is considered one of the holy grails of Hip-Hop samples. The tracks infamous loop has been used on tracks from Quasimodo, Flying Lotus, Underachievers, Mac Miller and A$AP Mob just to name a few. BIGRED’s rendition and take on the track new and fresh with the ominous lead talk.

With his track STUPID OR DUMB, there’s a bit of grit displayed with poise and grace. In terms of songwriting and lyricism, he sings about “all my pockets, they stocked with blues” and “she just wanna fuck with me ’cause I ride Bentley trucks. And das ok” Mindful confidence.

A crucial moment of DEMONS is the warped guitars on Fader (Interlude), showcasing RED’s ear for deep references and tasteful infusions. This tape overall is a magnetic project, hinting that BIGREDSHOOTER and the rest of DON’T DIE are going up regardless. In the meantime, you can peep his latest music video for “Fuck Ya Baby Daddy” and if you want to catch him live, you can pull up to this Friday, May 15th in Austin, Texas.


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