Very Necessary, Lil HBK – “Landslide”

Following the release of last week’s “Let Em Know,” Lil HBK joins forces with Very Necessary for a brand new track titled “Landslide.” The Houston rapper showcases natural and bold delivery with his vocal performance, painting a clear picture of his overall vision with witty lines over lavish and glitzy production.

I need the number one pick song and them diamonds that blind you like shutters.”

The beat is laced with skittish hi-hats and mellow effects from producers Steelo Foreign, Roy Smiith and Zac Perez. A triple threat. The track overall, is a trap song that holds staying power due to HBK’s vocal inflictions and strong precense as he peppers in lines about gunning for his spot and claiming his title.

If this track is being a glimpse of where Lil HBK is heading this year, then he is most definitely going up by a landslide.

You can watch the music video for “Landslide” shot by MortyZapata with stunning editing from Dak.ta as HBK.

You can find more from Very Necessary and Lil HBK at the links below.

Very Necessary: @vryncssry

Lil HBK: @thelilhbk

Steelo Foreign: @steeloforeign

Morty Zapata: @mortyzapata

Dak.ta: @dak.ta

Obvious Propaganda: @obviousprop

Isis Payne: @isispayne_

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